• Fine Art Photographer Meghan Ogilvie

    In episode #37, host Brett Stanley chats with Canadian photographer Meaghan Ogilvie. Meaghan is an underwater fine art photographer, and whilst based in Toronto she travels quite extensively and creating beautiful underwater images as she goes. She’s shown her work in galleries worldwide, and we talk about what that process is like and how the pandemic has change that landscape.

    Meaghan shares her visions of the future and we talk about what it’s like to spend a few weeks on a sailboat with other underwater artists.

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  • Actor Eline Powell

    In episode #36, host Brett Stanley chats with actor Eline Powell about her work as a mermaid on the now sadly cancelled show Siren.

    They talk about her training for the part, the intense days filming underwater, and how learning to move underwater really informed the actor’s movements on land. She also talks about how the experience has changed her, and how she’d much rather be a mermaid than learn the violin!

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  • Dive Photographer Alex Dawson

    In episode #35, host Brett Stanley chats with dive photographer Alex Dawson.

    Alex talks about his experiences diving in his homeland of Sweden, learning to cave dive in old mines, and how he evolved his lighting styles. They cover his approach to photographing wrecks and divers, and how his fear of water has made him a better diver.

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  • Visual Artist Christy Lee Rogers

    In episode #34, host Brett Stanley chats with visual artist Christy Lee Rogers. Christy has a unique approach to underwater photography as she shoots from above the water – capturing the movements and contortions of her models below the surface and creating these amazing painting-like images that tell all sorts of stories to the viewer.

    They speak about how she found her process to create these photos, how music plays a large part in her work, and what the COVID-19 lockdowns has done to make her pivot her business.

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  • Cinematographer Vance Burberry

    In episode #33, host Brett Stanley chats with Underwater Cinematographer Vance Burberry. Vance has had an amazing career starting as a lighting designer for Australian Rock bands and now working as a sort after underwater DP in America.

    He’s got some great stories about using film, his experiences chasing submarines for the latest Bad Bunny music video, and how rolling film around an edit suit can give you some crazy visual effects.

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  • Marine & Dive Co-ordinator Bolívar Sánchez

    In episode #32, host Brett Stanley chats with Marine and dive coordinator Bo Sanchez.

    Based in the Dominican Republic, Bo supervises the ultra large outdoor water tank build by Pinewood Studios and his team works on many of the productions that come to the island to shoot – including huge action films like Triple X, The Mummy, and The Man From Uncle.

    Bo talks through how he trains talent for their underwater scenes, whether he prefers open water or tanks, and what it’s like to ride motorbikes across the surface of water with Vin Diesel.

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  • Freedive Photographer Michael DK – Suahuatica

    In episode #31, host Brett Stanley is strapping on the fins and talking with freedive photographer Michael DK – also known as Suahuatica. Originally from the Netherlands, Michael grew up on a sailboat with his parents – sailing around the Mediterranean and nurturing a love of the ocean.

    We chat about his experiences travelling the world shooting in underwater caves, why he’s using his mobile phone to take more photos these days, and how he uses Instagram as a way to meet new people and clients.

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  • German Model & Dive Master Julia Pretzl

    In episode #30, host Brett Stanley is chatting with Underwater Model Julia Pretzl. Julia’s adventure began whilst living in Thailand working as a Dive Master, when one of her clients asked her to model underwater for them – and she was hooked.

    They chat about what’s like modelling 60ft under the water, her techniques to get the best out of a shoot, and how being a dive master has given her some great skills to keep herself safe at depth.

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  • Portrait Photographer Erena Shimoda

    In episode twenty nine we’re honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month with underwater photographer Erena Shimoda.

    Erena works with cancer and trauma survivors to give them an experience like no other, and a way to help them heal emotionally through the therapeutic immersion. Erena raised money to fund her work, donating almost half of it to charity and the rest to photograph 13 cancer survivors.

    We talk about her approach to this work, and how her own trauma helps her guide others through the process.

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  • Wildlife Cinematographer Jeff Hester

    In episode twenty eight host Brett Stanley is talking with underwater wildlife cinematographer Jeff Hester. Jeff is responsible for some of the footage seen in shows like Blue Planet, Deadliest Catch, and those amazing Apple TV screensavers.

    We chat about how he went from a marine biology degree to shooting Orcas for Netflix, sitting underwater for 7 hours at a time, and what it’s like not seeing the results of your work for years after it was shot.

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