Month: November 2020

  • Freedive Photographer Michael DK – Suahuatica

    In episode #31, host Brett Stanley is strapping on the fins and talking with freedive photographer Michael DK – also known as Suahuatica. Originally from the Netherlands, Michael grew up on a sailboat with his parents – sailing around the Mediterranean and nurturing a love of the ocean.

    We chat about his experiences travelling the world shooting in underwater caves, why he’s using his mobile phone to take more photos these days, and how he uses Instagram as a way to meet new people and clients.

    Follow their work: Instagram, Website

  • German Model & Dive Master Julia Pretzl

    In episode #30, host Brett Stanley is chatting with Underwater Model Julia Pretzl. Julia’s adventure began whilst living in Thailand working as a Dive Master, when one of her clients asked her to model underwater for them – and she was hooked.

    They chat about what’s like modelling 60ft under the water, her techniques to get the best out of a shoot, and how being a dive master has given her some great skills to keep herself safe at depth.

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