Fine Art Photographer Lexi Laine

In episode #60 host Brett Stanley chats with underwater Fine Art photographer Lexi Laine.

Lexi’s work is beautiful and painterly, and mostly shot in the clear waters of the ocean, which adds a level of difficulty for her as she lives in England – not a land known for it’s visibility – so she travels the world in search of perfect locations to shoot in.

We talk about her approach to photographing in the ocean around Europe, freediving the cenotes of Mexico, and what she likes about selling her work at art shows.

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Episode Summary

What if you could transform the ocean’s mystique into ethereal art? Join us as we uncover the world of Lexi Lane, an underwater fine art photographer whose captivating work transports viewers into the magical depths of the ocean. Lexi’s passion takes her from the coastal waters of Europe to the hauntingly beautiful cenotes of Mexico, pushing the boundaries of what underwater photography can achieve. Our conversation dives into the logistical and artistic challenges she faces, from choosing between scuba diving and freediving to selling her evocative pieces at art shows.

Lexi shares the technical nuances of her craft, revealing the secrets behind her use of vintage Nikonos cameras and the unpredictability of film over digital formats. We discuss the creative potential of technical errors, the importance of manual control in cameras, and the joys and frustrations of working with strobes underwater. Lexi’s journey is a testament to the dedication required to capture the ocean’s essence, and her insights offer valuable tips for both aspiring and seasoned photographers.

Our discussion doesn’t stop at the technical aspects of underwater photography. Lexi delves into the evolution of her artistic themes, from personal introspection to powerful environmental commentary. She explains how the organic beauty of natural water settings outweighs the controlled environment of a studio pool, and how the use of props can turn a shoot into a storytelling masterpiece. This episode is a must-listen for anyone passionate about underwater art, offering a treasure trove of inspiration and practical advice from one of the field’s leading talents.

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About Lexi Laine – Underwater Fine Art Photographer

Lexi Laine is a British artist working in the medium of photography. Based on the south coast of the UK, Lexi specialises in creating ethereal underwater scenes in some of the most unique and pristine locations around the globe. She has spent several years training as a freediver in order to extend the amount of time she can stay underwater. Rather than using scuba equipment, Lexi chooses instead to undertake all of her work on a single breath hold. More often than not her photographs depict a single female or multiple women, featuring highly skilled freedivers as the subjects.

Works responding to the human impact on the marine environment can be seen throughout the artist’s portfolio. Influences of 17th and 18th century baroque painting, fantasy and folklore can also often be found in her images. Lexi enjoys explorations of surreal contradictions, blurring boundaries and using photography as a means to create otherworldly, emotive art.

Lexi studied BA Fine Art at UCA (University for the Creative Arts) Canterbury in 2001-2004 and since graduating has been building her career as a photographer and artist. In 2020 Lexi was awarded the winner of The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize iCanvas Photography Award. For two years running, in 2018 and 2019 she was awarded ‘Image of the Year’ by leading UK training provider, Photography Farm. Also in 2019 Lexi was sponsored by Sony UK to create a short behind the scenes documentary of her practise titled ‘Under The Surface’. The project was undertaken in the magical cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

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