Portrait Photographer Alison Bounce

In episode #57 host Brett Stanley chats with French underwater portrait photographer Alison Bounce.

Growing up far from the ocean in the middle of France, Alison had a life long fear of water which she hoped to overcome by moving to the coastal city of Nice and starting her love affair with underwater photography.

Since then she’s built her business around her gorgeous prints, working on removing the colour blue from her palette, and literally writing the book on underwater portraiture. 

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Episode Summary

In this episode, acclaimed underwater photographer Alison Bounce shares her remarkable journey in the world of aquatic imagery. The conversation delves into her experiences, ranging from the technical aspects of underwater photography to the emotional depth encountered during shoots.

Alison recounts a perilous incident during a shoot in Australia where she found herself in a life-threatening situation. Her poignant description of the harrowing moment, intertwined with the humorous realization that her client inadvertently became her savior, adds a layer of suspense and genuine human connection.

The episode takes an emotional turn as Alison narrates a transformative shoot with Magali, a cancer survivor. Magali’s strength and vulnerability shine through as Alison captures her underwater, showcasing the therapeutic power of photography in overcoming life’s challenges. The subsequent exhibition featuring these poignant images becomes a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Listeners are offered a glimpse into the intricacies of Alison’s artistic process, from handling technical equipment to the challenges of selecting the perfect image to convey a message. The conversation also touches on Alison’s foray into videography, exploring the potential to expand her business and provide clients with a more immersive experience.

Alison concludes by sharing her upcoming project—an exhibition intertwining mythology, art, and ecology, aimed at raising awareness about the critical state of the environment. This fusion of visual storytelling and advocacy reflects Alison’s commitment to using her art to inspire change.

Tune in to this episode for a captivating exploration of the artistry, challenges, and profound human connections within the realm of underwater photography. Alison’s anecdotes serve as a powerful reminder of the impact visual storytelling can have on both the artist and the subjects immortalized beneath the waves.

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About Alison Bounce – Underwater Portrait Photographer

Alison BOUNCE is an aquatic photographer who has won numerous international awards for her underwater portraits.

A French pioneer, her art looks like renaissance painting. she creates images that escape from the imaginary, between dream and reality, both in the pool and in open water, to reconnect their muse to the water element.

“My approach to aquatic photography is above all a human encounter. That of a Muse and an aquatic photographer  who, together, build a story that comes to life with water. In series or in a single image, in a swimming pool or in white water, during the underwater photo session, it is about emotions and sensations. Seize the moment of connection between my Muses and the aquatic element. The release that allows you to achieve perfect flotation. This moment when gravity fades, giving way to poetry. Your emotions photographed like a painter painting his canvas, his work.”

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