About the Podcast

The Underwater Podcast was an idea I had after listening to some other podcasts about photography and wishing there was something more specific to my genre – the underwater portrait world.

I knew so many people in this industry who had great stories about how they got in to this line of work and how they overcame the obstacles that shooting below the surface can throw at you.

My primary goal was pretty selfish, as I just wanted to chat with the amazing people who create some of the best underwater photos and film out there – the directors of photography, the photographers, the set designers, grips, lighting designers, makeup artists! Anyone who had a hand in creating these super specialised works of art.

Over the course of the podcast you’ll hear interviews from some amazing people in the industry, some of them friends of mine but most of them I’ve never met. I’ll be doing themed episodes on a variety of topics with guest presenters, and group chats on the industry as a whole – it’s very exciting!

Please feel free to give me feedback on the episodes, if there’s something or someone you’d like to hear about just shoot me an email: brett@theunderwaterpodcast.com

Thanks for listening!

Brett Stanley