Month: February 2021

  • Actor Eline Powell

    In episode #36, host Brett Stanley chats with actor Eline Powell about her work as a mermaid on the now sadly cancelled show Siren.

    They talk about her training for the part, the intense days filming underwater, and how learning to move underwater really informed the actor’s movements on land. She also talks about how the experience has changed her, and how she’d much rather be a mermaid than learn the violin!

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  • Dive Photographer Alex Dawson

    In episode #35, host Brett Stanley chats with dive photographer Alex Dawson.

    Alex talks about his experiences diving in his homeland of Sweden, learning to cave dive in old mines, and how he evolved his lighting styles. They cover his approach to photographing wrecks and divers, and how his fear of water has made him a better diver.

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