Wildlife Cinematographer Christina Karliczek Skoglund

In episode #58 host Brett Stanley chats with Christina Karliczek Skoglund, an underwater wildlife and feature film cinematographer.

Christina grew up on the coast of Sweden, dreaming of shipwrecks, but it was a trip to New Zealand and Australia as a teenager that really gave her a taste for the underwater world of film.

They talk about her work with the BBC and National Geographic, and how she was massively inspired by her Aunt, Jutta Hosel Waters – one of the first women to officially work in Antarctica out of Australia in 1976.

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Episode Summary

In this episode, host Brett Stanley interviews Christina Karliczek Skoglund, an accomplished underwater cinematographer and director, to delve into the intricate challenges and experiences she has faced in her career. Christina shares the difficulties of filming marine life, specifically sharks, which involve both technological hurdles like unpredictable shark hatching and environmental challenges like algae growth and adverse weather conditions. Her work requires a high level of adaptability and flexibility, as the unpredictable nature of wildlife filming demands readiness for any situation.

Christina discusses her transition to directing, motivated in part by the practical need to have more control over her schedule during her pregnancy. Currently, she is engaged in natural history shows and is preparing for a new personal project, alongside her work in underwater cinematography for feature films.

The conversation also touches on the decision-making process during shoots, emphasizing the importance of experience and situational assessment in determining whether to continue or halt a shoot due to unfavorable conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Throughout the episode, Christina and Brett explore the significance of community, collaboration, and mutual inspiration within the underwater cinematography field. They reflect on the value of listening and learning from other creators, highlighting the interconnected and supportive nature of the community.

Christina’s insights provide a profound understanding of the dedication, adaptability, and passion required in the specialized field of underwater cinematography, shedding light on both the technical and creative aspects of capturing the captivating world beneath the waves.

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About Christina Karliczek Skoglund – Wildlife Cinematographer

Christina Karliczek Skoglund is an Emmy-nominated underwater cinematographer and specialist camera operator, who has been shooting underwater for over 15 years. Her passion for underwater environments led her into wildlife filming where her focus is on bluechip story work.

Christina is an experienced rebreather diver, cave diver and has filmed around the world underwater for landmark wildlife and expeditions series for Apple, BBC, Disney+, National Geographic, NDR/Doclights and Netflix.

“Sharks Of The Icy North”, a film that featured elusive sharks, was her debut as producer-director. Occasionally, Christina can also be found on feature film sets and underwater stunt shoots.

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