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  • Cinematographer Sean Ruggeri

    In episode #47 host Brett Stanley chats with cinematographer Sean Ruggeri who’s work with Red Cameras and Gates Housings has really taken him to some amazing places.

    They chat about how he worked with Red to refine their Camera’s underwater abilities, his role in the new movie The Colony, and what happens in a submarine when you need to go to the bathroom!

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  • Director & Photographer Scott Rhea

    In episode #46 host Brett Stanley chats with photographer and director Scott Rhea. Scott’s career ranges from shooting Advertising and lifestyle images, to directing music video and commercials, and into his amazing personal fine art work – but through it all he’s had a great love of being underwater.

    They chat about where he gets his inspiration, the importance of meditation, and how the devastation from Hurricane Katrina brought about Scott’s foray below the surface.

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  • Photographer Harry Fayt

    In episode #45 host Brett Stanley chats with Belgian underwater photographer Harry Fayt.

    Harry’s work is truly beautiful, with the worlds and concepts he creates below the surface, and his messages within each shot are very inspiring. We talk about how he creates these scenes in his local public pool, his love of cinema for inspiration, and how he’s getting his revenge after years of not being able to get in the water!

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  • Photographer Jamie Johnson (Birdee)

    In episode #44 host Brett Stanley chats with Jamie Johnson, an underwater photographer better known by her artist name of Birdee. Jamie’s work has a rawness to it, and she captures the female form in a very real way. Through her images she examines themes of femininity, strength, and grace, as well as exploring the healing element of water.

    They talk about her love of film photography, creating double exposures underwater, and how music plays a huge role in her inspiration.

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  • Artist Barbara Cole – Underwater Fine Art Photography, Tintype images & Wet Collodion process

    In episode #41, host Brett Stanley chats with experimental photographer Barbara Cole.

    Barbara’s underwater work spans over 20 years and her approach to photography is akin to alchemy, where she pushes the boundaries of what can be done with the tools available – and even creating her own to accomplish the task. She’s had great success with vintage processing techniques such as Tin Type and Wet Collodion, and her images are more like paintings than they are photographs.

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  • Performer Claire Friesen

    In episode #40, host Brett Stanley chats with underwater performer and actor Claire Friesen. Claire grew up fascinated with water, and solidified her love it with it when she discovered synchronized swimming. After competing on the Canadian National Team, she moved to Las Vegas to start her dream job of performing in the aquatic Cirque show Le Rêve – a mind bending extravaganza of aerial and underwater performance.

    They chat about her work in TV, film, commercials, and how freediving helps to keep her in tune with her surroundings.

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  • Director of Photography Zac Macaulay

    In episode #39, host Brett Stanley chats with underwater director of photography Zac Macaulay.

    Zac’s career has taken him from assisting in his younger days to a sort after stills photographer shooting underwater commercials for large brands, and now a cinematographer working out of his base in Brighton, England.

    They chat about his start in the industry, what kind of work he enjoys the most, and how different it is shooting stills as opposed to motion.

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  • Professional Mermaid Linden Wolbert

    In episode #38, host Brett Stanley chats with Linden Wolbert. Linden is a professional mermaid who’s pioneered the world of mermaiding, from creating her own tail with a special effects artist to now having her own line of Body Glove tails for kids available worldwide.

    She talks about how she moved from behind the camera as a wildlife filmmaker to being in front of it and presenting her own educational program to help kids understand the ocean better. We discuss her work as an underwater stunt person, and how she got to work with Westley from the Princess Bride!

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  • Fine Art Photographer Meghan Ogilvie

    In episode #37, host Brett Stanley chats with Canadian photographer Meaghan Ogilvie. Meaghan is an underwater fine art photographer, and whilst based in Toronto she travels quite extensively and creating beautiful underwater images as she goes. She’s shown her work in galleries worldwide, and we talk about what that process is like and how the pandemic has change that landscape.

    Meaghan shares her visions of the future and we talk about what it’s like to spend a few weeks on a sailboat with other underwater artists.

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  • Actor Eline Powell

    In episode #36, host Brett Stanley chats with actor Eline Powell about her work as a mermaid on the now sadly cancelled show Siren.

    They talk about her training for the part, the intense days filming underwater, and how learning to move underwater really informed the actor’s movements on land. She also talks about how the experience has changed her, and how she’d much rather be a mermaid than learn the violin!

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