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  • Fine Art Photographer Lexi Laine

    In episode #60 host Brett Stanley chats with underwater Fine Art photographer Lexi Laine.

    Lexi’s work is beautiful and painterly, and mostly shot in the clear waters of the ocean, which adds a level of difficulty for her as she lives in England – not a land known for it’s visibility – so she travels the world in search of perfect locations to shoot in.

    We talk about her approach to photographing in the ocean around Europe, freediving the cenotes of Mexico, and what she likes about selling her work at art shows.

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  • Director Nays Baghai

    In episode #59 host Brett Stanley chats with Australian director Nays Baghai about his career in underwater filmmaking.

    They talk about his new documentary Diving in to the Darkness, and what it was like to bring the life of renowned Cave Diver Jill Heinerth to the big screen – and the many challenges that came along with it.

    Nays talks in detail about the creation of the film, what influences him as a film maker, and how he got his start in underwater way back in film school.

    Watch the film during a special screening presented by Scuba Diver Magazine.

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  • Wildlife Cinematographer Christina Karliczek Skoglund

    In episode #58 host Brett Stanley chats with Christina Karliczek Skoglund, an underwater wildlife and feature film cinematographer.

    Christina grew up on the coast of Sweden, dreaming of shipwrecks, but it was a trip to New Zealand and Australia as a teenager that really gave her a taste for the underwater world of film.

    They talk about her work with the BBC and National Geographic, and how she was massively inspired by her Aunt, Jutta Hosel Waters – one of the first women to officially work in Antarctica out of Australia in 1976.

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  • Portrait Photographer Alison Bounce

    In episode #57 host Brett Stanley chats with French underwater portrait photographer Alison Bounce.

    Growing up far from the ocean in the middle of France, Alison had a life long fear of water which she hoped to overcome by moving to the coastal city of Nice and starting her love affair with underwater photography.

    Since then she’s built her business around her gorgeous prints, working on removing the colour blue from her palette, and literally writing the book on underwater portraiture. 

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  • Gates Housing President John Ellerbrock

    In episode #56 host Brett Stanley chats with John Ellerbrock – owner and President of Gates Underwater Housings. 

    Gates have been a staple in the world of underwater imaging since the late 60’s when Elwyn Gates started building the first products in his garage, and created a thriving business. John talks about the history of Gates, how he got involved, and what it takes to build camera housings for some of the worlds best cameras.

    We discuss the manufacturing process, where Gates housings are being used, and where he sees the industry going in the future.

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  • Camera Operator & Photographer Jenny Baumert

    In episode #55 host Brett Stanley chats with Underwater Camera Operator and Photographer Jenny Baumert. 

    Jenny fell in love with underwater photography at the Brooks Institute in California, but quickly moved in to cinematography. She’s worked on commercials and music videos, and just finished up shooting the title sequence for Netflix’s Merpeople docuseries.

    They talk about shooting 1000 frames per second underwater on the phantom high speed camera, how she made the move from camera tech to operator, and how drinking Timothy Leary’s ashes with Susan Sarandon totally changed her visual style.

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  • Freedive Photographer Tony Myshlyaev

    In episode #54 host Brett Stanley chats with freedive photographer Tony Myshlyaev, better known as Tones Of Blue.

    They talk about his journey from learning to scuba dive in Vancouver, Canada, to his love affair with the warm tropical waters of Thailand. 

    Tony shares some of his techniques for shooting people in open water, his favourite spots to dive, and how the pandemic gave him a massive creative push.

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  • Performer & Filmmaker Julie Gautier

    In episode #53 host Brett Stanley chats with freedive champion, film maker, and underwater performer Julie Gautier.

    Julie’s films are a beautifully visual insight into not just the mind of a freediver, but also into the powerful messages that water can convey through imagery and dance. She talks about her journey from freediver to film maker, and we chat about some of the amazing locations she’s been diving – including swimming with sleeping Sperm Whales. 

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  • Photographer Adam Attoun

    In episode #52 host Brett Stanley chats with landscape photographer turned underwater photographer Adam Attoun.

    Based in Reading California, Adam talks about his background in landscape photography and how he’s brought many of those techniques and aesthetics into his underwater portrait work. We dig in to his process, how he gets such a unique look to his photographs, and how the Northern California weather really limits his shooting days!

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  • Cinematographer Jacques Ballard

    In episode #51 host Brett Stanley chats with underwater cinematographer Jacques Ballard about his work on the feature film The Deep House. 

    We discuss how he shot the underwater thriller, what cameras and lighting they used, and how problem solving can really be one of the fun parts of underwater filmmaking. 

    Jacques’s career has been quite varied, with documentaries, feature films, and amazing underwater collaborations with freediving talent like Julie Gautier and Guillaume Nery.

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